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July 2009 - January 2010

About TravelLibray is a travel information website that provides impartial hotel reviews written by its users. Involved in team of 4 developers, we took an existing website of messy php4 code with no real structure and rewrote as a well structured MVC framework using php5.3 to take advantage of namespaces.

Skills Used PHP5.3, MVC, Propel (ORM), Zend_Form, Jquery, AJAX, MySQL, CSS, HTML, SEO, SOAP

Client tripadvisor

Kewan was an excellent developer during his time here at TripAdvisor. He was reliable and his quality of work always maintained a high standard. Kewan also worked well in the team and was very approachable. He always asked questions when there was a need and was able to be left with a piece of work and to expect good results. He is the standard we will use in hiring future contractors. Robert Norman - TripAdvisor