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May 2014 - May 2014

About I had an idea for a simple service that cleans up photos of whiteboards. I wanted the application to be as simple as possible with very little friction for new users to use the service. I came up with the simple idea of users attaching their whiteboard photos to an email and then emailing [email protected]. The emails are handled by the excellent mandrill service which posts to a webhook running a simple ruby service which adds the photos to a sidekiq queue (Built on top of Redis). Photos are processed using ImageMagick and combinded in to one pdf file and then emailed back to the user.

I built the service in one night and it ended up getting a lot of attention mainly because of an article on lifehacker, An user also created an IFTTT recipe

Skills Used Ruby, Rails, sidekiq, Mandrill API, Redis, ImageMagick