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January 2013 – August 2013

About Worked on improving the uk mobile site for Wonga. The wonga mobile site is for new or existing Wonga customers to apply for a loan using their mobile phone. The mobile site was a custom php site which was very outdated and had no documentation. My role was to go through the code and develop an understanding of how the site fits together. Added a number of improvements to code base by using some components from the Symfony2 framework. (Twig, Logger). A big change that I had to complete was completely changing the journey to meet the new OFT standards that were introduced. Also allowing the mobile site to be used as a backend for the iOS and Android native apps as well as for the facebook app.

Skills Used PHP, Phpunit, Symony2 components, Twig, jquery, javascript, SOAP API client.

Client - Wonga